Lush cosmetics to pay all its staff the Living Wage

Lush, Ethical Enterprise

High Street cosmetics company, Lush, is to pay all of its staff the Living Wage.

Since 2011 the retailer has paid its London staff £9.75/hour. Now more than 3,500 further employees will receive a pay-rise to £8.45/hour.

This means that a full-time member of staff on a 40-hour week will see an increase of £2,184/year.

Kim Coles, Global Finance Director at Lush, said: “We are delighted to be making this announcement to our lovely, dedicated and enthusiastic staff. It is thanks to all their hard work that we have been able to make this commitment.”

PHOTO: Oliver Bruchez/Flickr

Both rates being paid by Lush are higher than the statutory minimum for over 25’s of £7.20/hour, which is increasing to £7.50/hour on April 1st.

Katherine Chapman, Director, Living Wage Foundation said: “Having Lush – an established and forward thinking retailer with such a strong high street presence accredit with the Living Wage Foundation is really significant because it shows that paying a fair wage in the retail sector isn’t just achievable it makes business sense too.”


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