Unite leader hopeful backs expansion of nuclear power

The potential new General Secretary of Unite, Gerard Coyne, has called for “more, not less”, nuclear power plants in the UK.

The trade unionist has described himself as “fully committed” to the industry.

He said: “One-sixth of Britain’s electricity comes from nuclear. But that figure is not good enough. Nuclear provides clean and sustainable power and we should be lobbying the Government – in Westminster and in Holyrood – for more, not less.”

Coyne criticised Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn for the party’s “abject failure” to support the UK’s nuclear industry.

Rwendland wikimedia
PHOTO: Rwendland/Wikimedia

Mr Coyne said: “The nuclear industry is essential to our post-industrial society. It’s good for jobs and it’s good for our energy needs.

“There should be no ifs or buts about it, Labour should be fully behind the nuclear industry. Sadly what we have had so far from Jeremy Corbyn and [shadow chancellor] John McDonnell on this is nothing short of abject failure.”

Mr Coyne was speaking during a campaign trip to Scotland, where he visited the Hunterston B Nuclear Power Station on the Firth of Clyde, North Ayrshire.

Unite’s 1.4 million members are due to vote for their new general secretary between March 27 and April 19.


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