Organic Brands launches chemical-free 100% pure cotton tampon in the UK

UK-based Organic Brands Limited has launched Organic Tampons, 100% cotton tampons for women.

Its founder, Rene Yocolly, discovered that conventional tampons contained traces of chemicals and pesticides.

Yocolly said: “I realised the need for 100 percent organic tampons for women in general was an issue that required a solution and it became my vision to supply 100 percent organic tampons to women in search for an alternative solution to conventional tampons.”

According to the Women’s Environmental Network, the presence of chemicals and pesticides can lead women to develop diseases like Toxic Shock Syndrome, which affects women who wear tampons made of rayon or a mixture of rayon and cotton.

The company has pledged to give 15% of its sales of Organic Tampons to their partners, food bank charity Trussel Trust and Days for Girls, an international non-profit organisation for girls.

Yocolly said: “Organic Brands Limited’s long term plan includes launching more organic products in the market for children and the health and beauty industry.

“We have launched a campaign on Indiegogo and request people in the UK to fund our mission to make tampons available to homeless and disadvantaged women.”


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