Only ONE in 400 disposable coffee cups are recycled in the UK

New research has found that less than one percent of disposable coffee cups are recycled in the UK.

The research revealed that half of people believed that their disposable coffee cups were being recycled most of the time, when in fact just one in 400 cups is recycled. This is down to the difficulty in separating their plastic coating and cardboard in order to recycle the card.

at frugalpac twitter
Frugalpac. Photo: @frugalpac/Twitter

Martin Myerscough, founder of package recycling company Frugalpac, said: “The simplest way of encouraging people and business to reduce their contribution to waste is to give them products which can be recycled easily.”
The research, carried out by ICM Unlimited, found that as many as 2.5 billion paper coffee cups are thrown away in the UK each year.

Less than one in 10 of those interviewed revealing that they used specialist in-store recycling bins to discard their disposable coffee cups.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Myerscough added: “While retailers had made great progress in placing increased numbers of recycling bins inside and outside stores “without materially changing the product that is going into the bin, this will have little effect in the long term.”
The parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee is conducting an inquiry into tackling the problem of coffee cup waste.


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