How to represent ethical trademarks

Thinking of partnering your business with an ethical trademark? Here are three trademarks Ethical Enterprise has put together and how to represent them.

1. Fairtrade

fair trade logo

Who are they?
A global movement for change that works directly with UK businesses, consumers and campaigners to provide a fair deal for workers in developing countries.
How to work with them?
If you have a cafe, restaurant, pub or independent retail you can use the National Fairtrade Purchasing Guide (located on the Fairtrade website). This will help you find a supplier for Fairtrade products.
If you want to become registered with the Fairtrade trademark then you need to fill out their Licensee Checklist (located on the Fairtrade website). As long as you are based in the United Kingdom and can meet Fairtrade Trader Standards you can apply.


2. Cruelty Free International

cruelty free logo

Who are they?
The leading organisation that prevents and is working to end animal testing worldwide.
How to work with them?
You can apply for either the ‘Leaping Bunny’ cosmetics products certification or the household products certification. To achieve the ‘Leaping Bunny’ certification your company must meet Cruelty Free International’s core criteria (located on their website). You can then complete their application process by filling out an online form with information about your business. Retailer’s should contact the company through via email.


3. Rainforest Alliance

rainforest-alliance logo

Who are they?
A growing network of people aiming to re-balance the planet by protecting and building strong forests and healthy communities.
How to work with them?
The Rainforest Alliance provides a ‘Transform your business guide’ (located on their website). This guide provides you with technical assistance and training from experts in the Rainforest Alliance team, specialising in supply chain management and sourcing, certification and assurance. All you have to do is answer five short questions about your business and the team will contact you to offer their help.

Words: Louise Busfield

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