SUMA – BUSINESS OF THE MONTH: Why do local businesses choose them?

Photo: Tom Earnshaw

Suma is Ethical Enterprise’s Business of the Month for April 2017. Here’s an insight into why…

Diane Sample owns and runs Lily Pickles of Holmfirth, a local and traditional food business producing chutneys, preserves, gourmet pies, pastries and pasties, and avoiding artificial colourings, preservatives and E numbers.

Diane has been a regular customer at Suma for years.

“Suma’s goods are unadulterated”

“I like the fact that Suma sell Fairtrade, that they’re a co-operative, and that they share their workload,” Diane said.

“Nearly all my spices and herbs come from them, and also the likes of vinegar and dried fruits,” Diane added. “I’ve had herbs and spices from other places and they’re just not as good. Suma’s good are unadulterated.”

“I don’t buy tonnes from them as I’m just a small business, but that doesn’t both Suma. They’ll treat you the same as the big clients,” Diane continued.

“And they’re from Elland, where I was born and bred. All the best things come out of Elland!”

Lily Pickles products can be found at Holmfirth Indoor Market every Saturday and throughout West Yorkshire at local delicatessens, markets, and food festivals.

They can be found on Twitter at @lilypickles1.



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