Part Three – Ethical Troubles: H&M

Feature image: Wikimedia Commons

Many businesses establish themselves with strong ethical principles, but committing to a wholly ethical business plan has its difficulties…

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Gender pay gap reports to be made compulsory for UK businesses

Government plans will force UK companies with 250 employees or more to publish their gender pay gap reports in the next year.

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20,000 organisations sign up to anti-slavery registry

An online registry now contains modern slavery statements for over 20,000 organisations., the open data registry committed to helping to end slavery within our lifetimes, is an open public database containing company anti-slavery information.

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6 ways Shanghai Tower leads the way in sustainable engineering

The $2.4-billion, Gensler-designed Shanghai Tower is China’s tallest building and second tallest in the world.

At 632 metres high (2,073 feet), the 127-storey spiral highrise combines the latest in sustainable advancement strategies with private and public spaces. Here are some of the building’s features that make it the epitome of innovative green design.

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